Windows Mobile OLSR Daemon

Implementing OLSR

Downloads availables:

The new version 2.0 have been tested using 9 devices simultaneos. 1 PC and 8 PDAs (Windows Mobile 6.1)

The new version has been improved with a new Algorithm (not included in the RFC) called TFLLN (Time From Last Lost Neighbour) it improves the lynk quality between the nodes and make the network more stabler.

Download WMOLSR v2 — Release

13/10/2009 — The new version for Windows OS is now available.

Download OLSR PC v1.0


This software was create to emulate a MANET, you can use this software to test specifics topology configurations. (Version for Windows Mobile 6)


WMOLSR V2 - August 2009

Windows OLSR Daemon    

OLSR Emulator

Project Downloads

The new version 2.1 fix the next problem:

Fix problem with ResetDevice() methods in the routewin.dll

Release Note with solution in order to use the latest  OpenNetCF Library.

Download WMOLSR v2.1 — Release

WMOLSR V2.1 - April 2010